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Started in 2006 selling vintage items of all kinds later was introduced to Singer 221 Featherweights by a friend who thought that I would be good at it because of my experience with small electrical appliances and motors.  Having spent time with him and learning about sewing machine repair I found that it was a perfect match for me and really enjoy working the business.  My teacher is a 3 generation singer sewing machine repair man, his father and father before him both sold and repaired singer and other sewing machine, this man is my father-in-law!  Thank you Bob!!
I earned my degree MBA Project management & Human Resources, I never persued either but you might say I did because it helps me to do what I am doing today with my business.  I love what I do and really enjoy when my customers/friends write me and tell me that I was responsible for getting their machines back up and stitching a great stitch.
  Please read the feedbacks that my friends/customers have left for me, thank you and have a great day and if there is anything I can help you with please ask.
Duane Sechser
228 DEVITT Dr.

Customer Testimonials

New message from: zig_jr (328TURQUOISE_STAR Star)

Hi Duane…received my base in todays mail. It fits perfect and Ive immensely enjoyed oiling and cleaning my 1920’s Singer-66 today, installing in the new base and making some stitches! Great to hear this old machine run again. I thank you for providing this product, useful for so many machines without paying an arm and leg. Thanks! I will be leaving positive feedback of course. Regards, Dave.

Hello Duane,
I received the part on the 15th of October, it's exactly what I needed.  Thank you very much for all your assistance and the great service.
Sonya Robson

Duane, I want to take a minute out of my day and say 👍! The knee bar you created or helped to create, is on the mark!!! You, and your metal fabricators did a fantastic job with a reproduction piece. I left you an awesome review, and just wanted to say Thank you - for taking the bold step and making these well needed units. I do appreciate the workmanship that went into it, and it is a perfect fit!! Also, thank you for the great service, and combined shipping with the grub screws - it was a smooth transaction, and everything arrived today in great shape. 👍. Len

Good evening,

I thought I would let you know the knee bar arrived today in perfect shape and works wonderfully. Thank you so much.

I was testing the machine manually by pulling the "bar" out under the black cover mimicking how the knee bar would pull it. In doing so the machine would run for a bit then slow down like it was being bogged down. Using the knee bar, I had no issues. I ran up and down a long length of denim backed with cotton (like 40"+ long) with no issues and no hesitation from the machine. I'm not sure the difference using the knee bar makes but obviously it's a big one 😊.

Thank you again, it fits perfectly, and my machine is complete. ❤ now to see what I can pump out on this beauty.

Gratefully yours

Bernice Rietveld-Wilson

Hello, Duane!

I just wanted to send a happy "thank you" for this sewing machine. When my mother-in-law received it, she called me, absolutely sobbing to thank me.

Thank you for helping me find the perfect gift for that someone who has it all. It unbroke her heart a little, to recuperate a lost treasure.


Stacey H.

Thank you so much for the base case. My 1906 Singer 15k fits great. It is very well made. I appreciate the craftsmanship.

Happy New Year!  This has been a real adventure.  First of all, you are a genius at packing.  What a marvel and kudos to you!   It took me over an hour to unpack my machine.  Secondly, I received the machine on Saturday, December 26, 2020.  Because of a backlog at the Fedex warehouse in New Wales, PA, it sat for over a week.  Thirdly,  the key works, I have attached the handle and am about to attach the inside pieces.  I have to re-learn how to thread the machine since it has been years since I have sewn.
Thanks to you.  I am on my way to hemming curtains and undertaking even more challenging projects.  God bless you.
Mary Jane Larson 

Dear Duane,
We are so impressed with this machine! My Wonderful Wife, Mickie has her favorite machine purchased new when we were first married 42 years ago. It recently quit sewing very well again, so she found my Mom's old machine in the basement and used it... but it wasn't working very well either. I fixed both of these, our machine had a loose feeder dog & lost some copper shims I put under it years ago. Mom's Singer 66 wrinkle with threaded stitch adjustment only needed a bobbin winder adjustment. This renewed my interest and I found your 201-2 and I read your servicing care message and I made my decision to purchase it. I am so glad I did... I started working with this quiet wonderful machine... and Mickie took it for a test drive too. Now I can't get it back she is so excited about the way it sews! Such beautiful stitches, and it just makes the user feel so in control of the beautiful sewing job it does. Wow! So, I want to thank you very much. We are so happy and excited to have this very nice machine. We will be back for more supplies etc. We like your family picture too! We had 5 Children all grown and married now and we have 14 Grandchildren too.
Have a Merry Christmas! (2020)
Glenn and Mickie
thank you!! that was exactly what was needed to get this
machine up and running.
Mission accomplished!
Duane, thank you so very much for all the time and care you took in renewing my old Singer!  I couldn't be more pleased, and will definitely be in touch in the future if need be.
Again, my many thanks for your expertise and helpfulness,
Lynne Silkman

You have no idea how happy you have made this woman.
Thank you ever so much. I am happy to report that I received my pkge yesterday
and all works well.
Thank you again.

 Sent from my NOOK
Just wanted to let you know that I received the parts I ordered from you.
Thank you for all your help. I am excited to get the machine in working order.
It's nice to have a knowledgeable and trustworthy person to help.
Will definitely be recommending you to friends.
Thanks again.

I received the bobbins and bobbin winder today and it is EXACTLY the same as the one I have!  Just a whole lot newer looking.
The bobbins also loo terrific. Just curious, are these refurbished, newly fabricated (doesn't look like it) or just expertly cleaned up. Mine is so rusted that this is perfect.
So glad to know about you and thanks for all your talking me through this. When I get it actually sewing, I will send you a pick.
Thanks again,

Good afternoon Duane!~
I just wanted to let you know that the machine and case arrived.  
They are beautiful, and your packaging job was phenomenal!!
I was so impressed with the packing.  Thank you for taking such care!  
Your extra efforts were greatly appreciated!
Have a great week,

Duane, the super looper is so cool. Thank you very much for the info about needle availability. It is bigger than I expected,the pictures were deceiving but again that
 thing is so interesting. The design is very impressive. Luck was on my side,
I was looking at bag stitchers around a year ago and the other day I just happened to type it in again and I found the super looper.
Thank you so much for listing it. Philip.

My husband and I can’t thank you enough for going all out to get my mother in law sewing again on her Singer 301 which she’s had for over 50 years.
When we first took it to a local person for a broken part, he not only didn’t
 get the part it after having it over three months, he failed to put some of the parts back on underneath.
Since I am not a sewer and my mother in law is 93, neither of us noticed them missing especially after all that time. 
You were so helpful to guide us in purchasing what we needed. Ultimately, we discovered that after it all was put together it needed repair also.
We didn’t think twice about sending it from the East Coast out to you, since you have earned our utmost confidence.
It was fixed right away and sent back in beautiful condition, looking better (and sewing better)than it has been in years.  Sewing is one of the things my mother in law has truly enjoyed all her life, but we knew she would never be able or want to master a new machine at her age.
That is why it was so important to have this one fixed so she could enjoy the few years she has left with her beloved Singer. 
Needless to say, it meant so much to us that you helped keep her happy and feeling productive.  It was a pleasure dealing with someone as honest and knowledgeable as you.

Hello Duane,
Thank you so much for your help in finding the part for my Singer 206.
You shipped it the same day I ordered it which is 
out of the ordinary in my book.
I called you and we had a great conversation.
I gave you a rave review on Alexa.
Dan in Indiana

Hi ,
I received the parts for my singer 128 very quickly and the needle plate is perfect.
thank you.
All the best

The pins are great!
Thank you SO much, I really appreciate it.
I will now set to sewing.

Thank you so much! My mother received the bobbin case and says its just like the one she had.

Hello Duane. I got to do some sewing today and was so pleased with this machine.  Once I got the Bobbin tension adjusted it just sewed perfect stitches and ran as smooth as glass.
I’m really glad it came with the Singer manual that explained exactly how to
adjust the Bobbin and top thread tensions.
I will buy some more from you, thanks again…

Hello Duane, I received my Singer today and was very happy with it! It is absolutely beautiful and in great condition.
I am so glad you took the time to pack it so carefully. The box looked like it went to Afghanistan and back.
Three corners were rounded off and there was a large rip in the side of the box but because you packed it so good there
was no damage that I could see. I scolded the mail man and wrote the box damage
on his receipt! Anyway, thank you again for really packing it safely. I’m too tired to
sew today but will in a couple days.
What fits on the black split metal bracket inside the lid on the side? I don’t mean the knee brackets.

Thank you for your help.
I now have it all working and it has a nice stitch on it.
One questions-How do you get rid of the musty smell in the case?
Thank you for your help.

The motor arrived today, Thanks so very much for all your help. Should you
ever need a reference, please feel free to give them my name or if you prefer
I will write one and post it wherever you request.
Gratefully Yours,
Don Brimmer

Dear duane_sec,

Thank you for your quick response. You gave me what I needed! The thread
was in deed going through the needle from the wrong side. The machine
works wonderfully. Thank you so much.
If I could leave more feed back I would so I could say what a wonderful seller
you are. I did at least give a great feedback when the machine arrived.
That being said thank you, thank you.
- damselfly10

Just arrived (Sat) this A.M. (sovpc). Looks as if it went through a battle, but
THANKS TO YOU it got here without a mark on it! I know you are completely out
of tape now(!?) from the looks of this, but believe me it was well worth it.
This is the difference between making it or destroying it... and as big a pain as it
is this has to be dealt with, like it or not. You understanding this and it worked.
I'm not a big fan of the postal service, I've been disappointed several times, but if you use it you have to be prepared to deal with them. It seems some of the packages are delivered from under the truck instead of in the truck... 
Thank you for caring enough to take the time to see that this table was delivered without any damage resulting, no matter what it had to go through... I'm sure I will find other things on your web site
that I will be calling you about!
All the best Duane,

Here is a story that will touch you!
Hi Duane,
I've been preoccupied with grandchildren and their other grandma
(visiting from Rome & ill) and failed to tell you the parts you sent were perfect. The lamp looks like brand new. Also, I felt bad being unable to leave feedback
but have had no contact with EBay except to affirm cancellation
(click "respond") of that spool post invoice via their email. I know you don't
need my 5 star feedback and think perhaps it's best to leave things uncomplicated. So I won't pursue giving you the praise you deserve unless
you want me to.  Hope you'll be there to help me buy the right parts to keep my old Singer 185 in shape. It arrived in ragged shape but working. It's a prize
and is well cared for. It was my first big purchase just after Katrina. Soon after escaping New Orleans the first grandbaby was born here in NY. Sewing since a kid, for years it was my pleasure after long hrs. of work. The flood destroyed machines, fabric and all those things sewers love. We stuck in the attic,
with my cats. It took a week to reach NY and my son. That was an odyssey;
in the attic, on the interstate, on Poydras St. near the Superdome, among
roaming gangs, on a bus going somewhere unknown, finally at the Houston Astrodome, then on a plane to NYC. A week later, I returned to New Orleans with an animal rescue group. Some of my cats had survived and against all odds flew back with me to NY. They were ill; some had been shot by?.
Two unaccounted for were found by rescuers months later, still hiding on the property, which I had arranged to be a food/water drop spot. It was such a long story for so brief a time. Anyway, life took a dramatic turn fast.
Such utter loss then grandchildren. It's ironic--my 83-yr.-old mother, with me throughout that Katrina week, died recently from complications after a routine surgery. To end on a better note, sewing for my granddaughter Lucy during
those early months was no small thing. You've been kind. I appreciate that.

 Hi, Duane!!!!
Thank you.
I received the chrome knob in the mail today.
It's just what I was looking for.
Thank you for going out of your way to help me get this part.
Thanks for being so fast.
If I could find a place to leave a feedback you would for
sure get a good one. AAAAA+++++
Did you get enough heat in Texas? It's been unbearably hot here in Kansas!!
Thanks, again.

Hi Duane, Just dropping a line to let you know that the machine
arrived on June 14. I'm just amazed at the wonderful 
condition it's in-looks and works like new! Great and 
very careful packing job too. The accessories are a nice
addition, and add a lot of value to the machine. Overall,a great buy! 
No wonder you have 100% feedback on Ebay-you deserve it! 
Most sellers of vintage sewing machines on Ebay are 
selling them as is-they need work and or/parts to be
functional, and are charging as much or more than you.
And they usuallly overcharge for shipping! You're a
class act. I'll certainly recommend you to others.
Keep up the good work!
I'll be using the machine for quilting, on a quilting frame. 
It will be a great companion to my Singer 201 (in a cabinet,
inherited from my Mom-mint condition) my Dressmaker zigzag 
Japanese workhorse (bought new in 1978, still runs great,
never any trouble) and my little Singer 99 that I recently
bought off Craigslist (restoring it-bought a new tension 
assembly from you). As you can see, I really like vintage
machines. I was surprised to find that I'm in
good company! Like I tell my kids, new isn't necessarily 
better! Feel free to use this letter as a testimonial on 
your websites. Thanks a million. Carol Thomas 

 Hello Duane, Your beautiful machine arrived today, on schedule.
I could not be more pleased with this purchase and your fine restoration work.
Thank you,

Hello Duane;     
I finally opened the Singer 301 I purchased from you. I couldn't be more pleased.
It is beautiful and sews a wonderful stitch.  My daughter purchased a quilt kit,
back when she was in college (about 11 years ago).  She started the project but soon put it away.
It was a quilt way beyond her sewing experience. So that is the first project I will
be sewing on the 301.  I hope, if people are  viewing your website and are on the fence about purchasing from you, will put all fear aside and go ahead and make
the purchase. You are honest and everything you state about the machines you have available for purchase are true to the letter. I don't believe you state anything
that isn't true.  I am so glad I bought a 301 machine.  I love the fact that it is gear driven and I hate to say it but I do think it is a quilters dream. I love my Featherweight, but I will be using my 301 for all my quilting.
It is powerful and sews a beautiful stitch.  I filled a whole bobbin box with the Aurifil thread I use for quilting and other then gardening, I can't think of anything else I would rather do then sew.
Thank you for being a reputible salesperson. You are a gem and one of a kind. I'm sure I will be on the look out for something else to add to my Singer Collection.       
Thanks You again,
Nancy Janiszewski
Appleton, Wisconsin

Hi Duane, Just wanted to let you know that you saved another 99K from extinction.  Finally got the old bushing off by soaking overnight in WD-40 and twisting it off. Replacement part went on, but with difficulty getting the screw in, but it finally worked. There is still a slight wobble in the hand wheel, and I don't know if these
old machines ran perfectly true or not, but got the thread tensioned correctly  and it does sew a perfect stitch.
Not sure if a hand wheel replacement would get it to rotate perfectly or not.
What is your expert opinion? 
Can't figure out how the hand wheel could be out of alignment when everything else seems to fit perfectly, except the clutch ring wouldn't sit on the edge of the cam like it did originally. Basically a hundredth of a millimeter off.
Anyhow, thank you for your advice and great service!  Steve p.s.  I figured out how to get the replies to the top
vs. the bottom,
live and learn..........

Duane, Sewing machine actually was here on Saturday but the mail carrier only gave me 8 seconds to answer the door before he left, so I had to pick up at the
post office today.
All looks to be in PERFECT condition and I am sure will give me hours of fun stitching the leather hides I have!!!
Outstanding packaging job too on your part!!! Positive feedback left for you!
If there was a 6 Star Rating you would get it! Thank You Again, John

I just wanted to Thank You Again for Selling one Damn Fine Quality Sewing Machine!
She has the hint of a scent as being really Old but runs like she is Brand NEW!
And she is an absolute WORK HORSE of a BEAST!  She goes through Leather as if it were SILK!
Just wanted to show you my first project that I have completed with her using a few pieces of my deer hides that have been waiting to be put to a good use.  Attached are pictures of Dad's Christmas Present.  Mom is going to get a nice pair of gloves too! When I get a couple more hides I will be making myself one fine jacket too!  I can not begin to tell you how pleased I am with this machine!  I took a few minutes to read the manual and got used to the workings of her and now my 1 year old PLASTIC Singer is going to be put away in the closet--or maybe even Good Will.
Thank You,

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